Friday, December 24, 2010

Show Your Alibrandi

Hello, dear Fashion people. a view days ago I made a little Fashion Spread, with Isti Bela as a Model, and me as a Photographer and Stylist. In this Fashion Spread I use Clothes was made by traditional fabric as well know as "Batik".
Globalization in Fashion, especially for Indonesia, bring a good and bad impact. The good one is many people in Indonesia began to realize about Fashion and style, So many Indonesian People become so fashionable and head to toe Brand. but the bad impact is they're forget their culture, they prefer international luxury brand to domestic product.
I've read in "Elle Magazine Indonesia" about French tourist who doesn't feel in Indonesia when He/She look Indonesian people almost wear Fashion Luxury Brand from Paris, New York or else. "I feel like at Paris not in Indonesia" He/ She said. it's Irony!!. does it mean we have no alibrandi? Probably.
Because of this, I try to mix and make Batik, as our Identity with Urban style. So that we can follow the Fashion Globalization but we aren't forget our Identity.
So Enjoy the Looks Everybody!!

so sorry if I make some Mistakes, love you the Readers.

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