Friday, August 14, 2009

English. my favorite model from Indonesia: Fahrani as well know as Fa. she was born in Jakarta 27 September 1984. i like fahrani in first time when i saw her, on video clip Sheila on Seven (kita) ost Lupus Milenia lohh,haha jadi inget.
ia terus langsung jadi seneng bgt, i think she is very unique, she have oriental look and tan skin, it was so exotic
, and then i love her because i think she is a great model from Indonesia, she was fly around the world caused her job as model.
i love her when she's on Ali Charisma's show in Hongkong fashion week, it look adorable. and FYI Fahrani is niece from Ayu Diah Pasha.

I dont know it sound weird or no??, but i made her as my fashion inspiration, maybe it sound weird, but i love her style, she love wear flip-flop, and i love too.
i love simplicity.

well, i still being her as my inspiration, and i hope i can follow her trail as a supermodel too. amiin.
oke tengkyu, i hope this written can inspire you, and pardon me if i had a mistake in this written. (maap juga kalo bahasanya berantakan*) x.o.x.o

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